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May 08, 2020

Every object has a story.  The H. Perle Stone Buckle was an idea in 2012 - a buckle celebrating one-of-a-kind large gem stones presented individually in a sterling silver frame.  A design with elegance and craftsmanship, that can be felt by the hand and detected by senses - the stones telling their unique story.

Gem stones speak to us from ancient times.  Lapis found in the hills of Afghanistan, carried miles by donkey to market.  Prehistoric ammonite, named by Pliny the Elder, the shape of which reminded him of the Egyptian god Ammon, who was depicted wearing rams horns.  Dark mysterious, ever changing colors of the labradorite stone - originally discovered in Labrador, Canada.  Morrisonite, one of the finest jasper in the world, found 75 years ago on a remote area of James Morison’s Oregon ranch.

The H. Perle Stone Buckle story continues with you.  


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Size Guide

The H. Perle strap is measured from the Single hole (peg) to the Middle hole.

Sizing may differ based on where the belt is worn (at the hips vs on the waist).  Measure on top of the clothing that you would normally wear with the belt.

Check your measurement by measuring a belt that you currently wear and fits correctly.  We suggest, if you are between sizes, select the next size up.  

Mens US pant size is only an estimate. Please measure.

H. Perle size 
In Centimeters (CM)
Size in Inches
Mens US Pants Size
90 35.4" 32"
95 37.4" 34"
100 39.4" 36"
105 41.3" 38"
110 43.3" 40"
115 45.3" 42"
120 47.2" 44"

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